What are you?

I prefer to be acknowledged by:

When I cannot have something I desire:

I make a change when:

My preferred coping tool to deal with stress is to:

If I saw someone on the street being harassed verbally, I would:

I have 5 projects that I am committed to accomplishing in a day, but I can only complete some of them fully in the given time:

When I accomplish something I am proud of I:

When I am upset I prefer that the people around me:

The best way to be my friend is to:

The predominant feeling I am seeking in money is:

When I am solving a problem in my life, I prefer to:

When I feel upset with someone, my likely response is to:

When someone compliments me, my response is to:

When choosing a restaurant for dinner with someone:

When I feel strongly about something, but others around me disagree:

When someone comes to me for wisdom and advice:

If I am at an event where someone I admire is being featured, I:

When I do not understand something I am being taught, I am likely to:

In a party full of people, I often:

When I am served food that is not my exact order, I: